About Siam Massage

Siam Thai Massage

Yen is a fully trained and certified Traditional Thai Massage Therapist with extensive experience in Thailand and New Zealand.


About Yen

Massage is not only perfect for relaxation, but also incredibly benefical for many medical conditions. We are priviliged to have Yen, who is a delightful, talented and professional Thai Masseuse. Her range of skills extend from lovely relaxation to firm, deep massage with a range of oils to suit needs. Try her exfoliating coconut scrub. How about a head massage! Have you ever tried that – maybe add foot massage – some clients just book that for an hour! Combine them….. 

We will help relieve your pain

Who hasn’t got pain somewhere? Yen is adept at finding triggers – gently working on them as part of the pain relief. Her hot Herbal Compresses infuse into the inflammed muscles and tissues.